Frequently Asked Questions

what is the blazers?

The Blazers is a Community Center for school age kids that has been operational for over 46 years. It is located about 2 miles from the USC Campus and is in dire need of physical improvement to continue serving the local community children.  Find out more about what The Blazers do at

how is usc aec alumni group helping?

The USC Construction Alumni Group is seeking interest from our alumni and student network to team up and participate in pre-construction activities for the Blazer Redevelopment Project.

who can help?

The Alumni Group is especially looking for people who have expertise or knowledge in any of the following areas.

•    Environmental Impact Report
•    Formal Proposal
•    Schematic Design
•    Construction Budget/Estimating
•    Proforma (funding and budget)
•    Feasibility
•    Schedule


who do i contact if i am interested?

If you or your company are interested in volunteering your knowledge and experience to help this cause, please email the USC Construction Alumni Group at: